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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I spend all day sunday on the road. Really. So I wrote this friday night.

But here are my thoughts on ARasslin'.

Don't get me wrong. Hunico hisself is not awful. But imagine if they put every white guy on the roster into one team, and had them all act the same, dress the same, use the same moves.

(We'd prolly watch anyway, cause we're marks. But we'd bitch about it, online and in person. So, let's not discriminate, and fail to bitch just 'cause these dudes are latino.)

It would be much more interesting to me to see the "Occupy" fight played out between the Del Rio 1% and the 99% Hunico/Epico/Camacho?(really? really.)/Primo/Rosa faction... on a completely different show, with literally 100 competitors. Call it "Los Cientos"*. If WWE put a lucha show on the schedule for the new network, I think that would be a big plus.

K? K.

*meaning "the hundreds" but also sounds like "i'm sorry". kewl.

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